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Axis and Allies Full PC Game With With And Hints

Axis and Allies Full PC Game With With And Hints

Game Type
Rl Time Strategy
Axis & Allies (2004 game)
Axis & Allies (abbreviated to A&A), also called Axis & Allies RTS, is a rl-time strategy World War II computer game developed by TimeGate Studios and published by Trickko. The game was relsed on November 2, 2004. It is based on the popular board game Axis & Allies from Milton Bradley and also on TimeGate's Kohan series. It is set in the yrs just after Japan and the United States had entered into the war.
The game incorporates two gameplay modes: rl-time and turn-based modes. However, turn-based gameplay is only present in WWII mode, and thus gameplay is mainly focused on the rl-time strategy re.

Game Play
Axis & Allies allows the player to assume the role of a military eral of one of the five superpowers of World War II: the United States, Grt Britain, Germany, Russia, and Japan. ch of the five nations is able to deploy military units unique to its nationality, such as snipers for Russia, flamethrower tanks for Grt Britain, and king tiger tanks for Germany. In addition, ch eral of the five nations is granted unique special operation abilities, such as carpet bombing, deploying a secret at, or using propaganda warfare.
The primary objective of gameplay is to destroy the opposing enemy military forces, although some campaigns and maps will require other objectives to be completed first, such as capturing certain cities or defending a specific ar, in order to achieve victory. Axis & Allies also has a "City Control" percentage toggle option that can be enabled, in which the winner of the battle goes to the first side/tm to capture a set percentage of cities on the map.
Gameplay supports up to eight players in a single battle in both singleplayer and multiplayer.


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