Thursday, May 26, 2016

Axis and Allies and Hints

Axis and Allies PC Game and Hints

Basic ExpansionOn the "fieldpromotion" and "swissbank", you can add a , up to 5000 for fieldpromotion and 99999 for swissbank. (Example: fieldpromotion 5000) Just put a space between the and the .

Hit the ENTER or RETURN and then follow with these
enigma - Removes the Fog of Warfieldpromotion - Accrue 100 XPswissbank - Accrue $100isurrender - Automatic defeday - Automatic victoryrosieriveter - Instant construction
If you enter a ; after a , you may enter that same again and both will be counted. for example: swissbank;swissbank gives you 200 money instd of 100.

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