Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why You Should Use Custom Domain Name for BlogSpot Blog

Many people who was encourage to blog and find it interesting is not familiar with the techies that revolves blogging. Usually the first thing that we lrn is how to write articles. Some are just telling stories of their day by day experiences. Some are merely blogging just for fun. They crte their first blog as their name included in their domain like They don't even have an id of custom domain. A top level domain like I am sure that if they just know the rsons that someone who blog should buy a custom domain they will buy it. Free platforms like blogger and wordpress are offering subdomains for bloggers and it is totally free. I am also fan of making blogspot blogs before but I rlize that I need to buy a custom domain before its too late like in my first blog. Here's a list of benefits that a custom domain will give you.

Benefits of using a custom domain for your Blogger blog
Reputation- We are all aware that a custom domain (.com, .org, .net) is more reputable in blogosphere than a subdomain (, If you saw a tutorial about something and then find it in two site the other one has custom domain i.e and other one is will you go for subdomain? personally i would trust the costumed site because it harness reputation and seriousness on blogging thus affecting your rdership.

Google Adsense- I know what you feel buddy. To be accepted in adsense program you need to t some stone. haha. I am blog for almost a yr before I got accepted in adsense. The main rson for this is that I don't have any good traffic. Do you know that having a custom domain will incrse your srch engine visibility thus converting a good traffic?!

Srch Engines Exposure- Custom domains has a good advantage in srch engine indexing. They are all prioritize in srch engine.

Advertising- Custom URL will be your best advantage in finding your advertisers. Many advertisers are looking for reputable blogs that will suit their products. Do you think having a blogspot domain will tell them that you are serious enough in blogging?

Fans and Subscribers- impression of your rders and followers is important. Custom domain will give you the reputation that you need to incrse your rder and followers.

PageRank- Do you know that pagerank in subdomains are very slow compare to custom domains? Page rank also incrses your srch engine visibility. It is like a loop that will start with custom domain.

Hosting not needed- This is the advantage of those using the blogger platform. You just need to buy a custom domain and you're done. Unlike those in wordpress self hosted that they pay for their hosting package.

Crte a Brand- It is very sy to crte your own branding with your custom domain. Having a brand will incrse your change to top some words and attract advertisers.

Professional Email Address- Almost all domain provider offers custom email for free. It is the email link to your domain ex:

Affordable for everyone-Custom domain is very c. I think the average price for domains as of writing is 9-12$. If you are rlly serious in blogging try to buy one and see the difference.

Hope you understand how a custom domain is important for your blog. Do let us know how many of you have registered one for you.

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