Thursday, May 26, 2016

Star Wars Force Collection 100% Download Free

Description Star Wars Force Collection :
Star Wars Force Collection is 100% safe for your Android or iOS
Download Star Wars Force Collection and sy apply :
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Welcome to Star Wars Force Collection, a hrt pounding new game where action come alive!Star Wars fans rejoice! Take the Force with you wherever you go with the OFFICIAL Star Wars card game, STAR WARS FORCE COLLECTION!

Build a tm of formidable heroes and use trsured blueprints to crte squads of starfighters as you fight for control of the galaxy!
Crte the ultimate formation and challenge your rivals in highly strategic battles.
Gain fame and climb the ranks in the Jedi Order.
Just be careful in choosing your enemies and opponents.
The Dark Side of the Force is strong…

Collect powerful cards of your favorite heroes and vehicles from Episodes I through VI.
Evolve and enhance your cards to become invincible!
ch character card and vehicle card has unique attack powers and ranges.
Interact with other players and ally with them to deft fierce enemies.
Make ally requests and claim premium rewards.
Compete in exciting events held on exotic planets with other players across the galaxy.
Star Wars Force Collection is rdy for you to use !
Star Wars Force Collection waiting for you !
How to Use Star Wars Force Collection :
Enter the volues next to the
Activated Proxy and Log in

Restart Game WORKING AS OF:

tutorial here:

Postare de Oana Stoica.
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