Thursday, May 26, 2016

Imperium 3 Grt Battles Of Rome Full Game

Imperium 3 Grt Battles Of Rome

Game Type: Rl Time Strategy Game (RTS)
GameplayThe game focuses on tactics, troop mobility and terrain topography rather than sheer strength of s for winning battles. Though resources are important there is less relevance in gathering them than in other rl-time battle games. Instd of sending an army of servants to mine, lumber, collect food or gather any other kind of resources these are erated at a constant rate directly proportional to the inhabitants of a population center.
There are 3 player modes to choose from:
Conquest: The battles involved on this game are focused on raising an empire by conquering all the known ancient world, the user can choose any of the available civilizations (see below) to do so.Rome's Grtest Battles: A good amount of effort has been dedied to historical accuracy; not only on the graphics but on the story line of this pre-built scenarios on which the player can live Rome's defining moments, from The Battle of Zama which marked the final and decisive end of the Second Punic War to the rebellion of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra.Custom Game: These fture is always present in modern day rl time tactic and strategy games, it can be used to practice against computer opponents on custom made scenarios or to go on-line and battle against other human players

BattlesA special kind of unit called hero, which has become standard on Rl-Time Strategy and Rl-Time Tactic games, is used to group the different classes of soldiers under one command.
As a soldier builds up on experience he becomes more effective in combat.
By assaulting keeps a civilization can also gain access to loot like extra food or gold.
HeroesUnlike normal military units, heroes are erally stronger and more valuable in battle. Their main strength lies in the ability to attach a group of up to 50 units, which from then on would follow their commands. When attached, the units receive part of the hero's experience as a bonus to their own. In addition, heroes arrange armies in specific formations that provide their units with an additional bonus when executing the stand ground command. Unlike units ch hero has five skills that are unique to them and their civilization. These improve not only their individual combat abilities but also that of their army. Some of them are beneficial to the hero and the units attached to the hero. Other skills are beneficial to the units or help during battles.


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