Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ice Age Village Super Android/IOS Download Free

About game:
In Ice Age Village, you can’t only build your town, you can also crte and breed families of many different types of animals! Now you can breed mammoths, birds, sabre-tooth tigers etc. Your families will bring in money for you, which you can spend on building up your town. There are other ways to rn coins as well, such as quests. Mini-games are a popular way to bring in coins, though the amount can be rather small. There’s even some Facebookconnectivity involved in Ice Age Village, in the form of a mini-game where you find the other person who’s hiding.
Ice Age Village Tool Ftures:Unlimited CashUnlimited AcornsUnlimited StarsLevel Friendly User-Interface. sy to use!100% UndetectableNo jailbrk or root required
How To Use Ice Age Village Tool:
Download the toolOpen the executableConnect your device and click Detect DeviceEnter the amount of Cash, Acorns, Stars, and Level .Click START buttonWait few seconds
1 - Download the files at Download files and extract it.2 - Close the game, even from multitask.3 - Put the documents folder in the 「IceAge/Documents」 using (iFile, Aid, iFunBox.) or other apps.4 - It will ask you to replace the old documents folder, do so.5 - Launch the game and enjoy.
tutorial here:

To download the software just click the download button below and then fulfill an offer that take just two or three minutes.After you fulfill the offer downloading start automatically. For countries that do not have an offer available click here.

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