Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Join Splited (.001) Files ?

1. Install Hjsplit Download Here

2.Click On Join Select only first file (001) choose destination folder and click on start

3.All files will be joined open your destination folder joined file will be there.

Note: Before Joining Check All Parts Must Have Same Name Suppose File Is

then all parts must have (.zip is extention) file name if names are not same edit all

files with same name and splitted files must have .001,.002 file types so don’t change them. After

joining you will get completely joined file. Understand The Process Then Join

Here is the Splited Files .001

Now Open HJ-Split and Click Join

Now Select File Destination where u Place Your Splited Files
Select .001 File

Output Destination Selected By Default
Just Click Start Button


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