Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Disable Dragging In Blogger Website and Avoid Blog Content Theft

Disabling Drag option can come handy when you want to protect your unique work from the robotic copiers and others whom you do not trust. So with this simple you can disable mouse dragging so person will not able to drag text and s on your website hence giving no chance for copying well he may get some alternate way to copy out the content but still this will protect your blog in a grt way.

So now if you are in need of applying this on your blog, well tut is below and can be followed sily.

1. Go to and Sign in to your Account, now choose your blog.

2. Navigate to Template > Edit HTML Section and hit Proceed.

3. Now press Ctrl + F to open the srch fture and than srch for <body tag.

4. Now you will see <body with a something more after it so you have to paste the below right after it which will make look like in the below.

ondragstart='return false' onselectstart='return false'

5. Now just click Save Template and click view Blog and check out if this small is making wonders or not well it works perfect as I was using this same thing to protect my blog from scrappers but due to many request to disable it from my blog I did it now but it’s a grt way to protect your blog so have fun :)

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