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Dungeons Dragons Daggerdale PC Game With

Dungeons Dragons Daggerdale Full PC Game With

Game TypeAction Role Playing Game
GameplayDaggerdale ftures third person rl-time tactics combat, questing, character development, and exploration. Two modes, campaign and freeplay, have been announced. Single and multiplayer modes also exist for the game, including split-screen multiplayer for up to four players . While some gameplay elements were borrowed from Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, developers stated that this was only the linr part of the game and that the gameplay was inspired from Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes.

The game makes use of the four main D&D character classes: clerics, rogues, wizards and fighters, as well as the four main races, dwarves, elves, halflings and humans. Some customization of the characters is provided as a player rns experience in the game, and character progression advances as per a limited set of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules for both class and race. Further customization is achieved through loot and equipment drops. Character level advancement is currently limited to level 10

CharactersFour pre-erated characters are available for players to choose as an avatar: a human male fighter, a dwarf male cleric, a halfing male wizard and an elf female rogue. Players are offered limited initial options for modifiion of the character (such as the character's name) as additional customization requires the character to gain experience and collect equipment in the game. ch character ftures abilities and bonuses related to its class and race.

The main antagonist of the game is a worshiper of the god Bane, this Wizard Mage is an at of the Zhentarim and is known as Rezlus. He is extremely grotesque. He is hell-bent on taking over Daggerdale for his evil god and states it in the beginning of the game and is amassing an army to take over the Dale. Lorin-Aria is the character in the game that summons the main characters, she was a Banite Priestess loyal to Rezlus. Her sister, Nezra, is first revled as a mystery, but at the very end is revled to be a Zhent loyal to Cyric. Due to the game taking place in the Dwarven Mines of Tethyamar, there are many Dwarves present. The Zhentarim are also known as the Black Network, a name which they are referred to when hiding their identity.

The Black Network has been divided into two sections: the Banites and the Cyrcists (those loyal to Bane and those loyal to Cyric). The Zhentairm, however, have become extremely wk following the Spellplague and the dividing wkened them further. Rezlus hopes to take over Daggerdale to restore the Zhentarim to their former glory. If Rezlus succeeded, this would have happened because the Zhentarim's control in the Dalelands would have been firm again, their empire would be fred, they would have a strong army and Cyric's influence would be crushed, making Bane the main deity again.

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