Thursday, May 26, 2016

Desperados Wanted Dd or Alive Free Download Pc Game Full Version

Desperados: Wanted Dd or Aliveis a stlth-basedrl-time tacticscomputer game, developed bySpellbound Entertainmentand relsed in 2001. In the game, the player controls up to six characters in awild westsetting. The protagonist is a wordlyknifefighter and gunslinger, John Cooper. He takes on a bounty to capture a notorious train robber named "El Diablo". As Cooper sets off on his quest, he is aided by five other friends and they work together in a rl-time,stlthbased structure very similar to that introduced inCommandos: Behind Enemy Lines, although an all-out gunfight is still highly possible in the game. A sequel calledDesperados 2: Cooper's Revengewas relsed in late March 2006. A second sequel,Helldorado, (announced as expansion packDesperados 2: Conspiracybut made into a full game) was relsed in mid-2007 in Germany. The English version was relsed in some regions in November 2007.

System Requirements :System : Pentium IV CPU 1.4 GhzRam : 1 Gb Memory : 128 MB ; Sp,Vista,7 And 8Install Instructions :Download And Estract File Using WinrarInstallCopy Files And PAste into Install FolderRun Game & Enjoy:-)
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