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Act Of War Direct Action Full PC Game With

Act Of War Direct Action Full PC Game With
Game TypeRl-time strategy
GameplayThe game includes a combination of pre-rendered cut-scenes and over an hour of live action . Live action was shot in Montrl, Canada during the summer of 2004. Pre-rendered cut-scenes were done using machinima technique, wherein one person plays while being recorded from different angles (with all interface elements hidden). The recorded is then postprocessed and provided with sound effects and dialog.
Act of War ftures gameplay elements such as hvily wounded soldiers being immobilized and unable to engage in combat until they can be rched by medical help, the ability to take prisoners of war, buildings that are rlistically destructible, and the ability to crte barricades. Unlike RTS games in which all-around-effective units may be mass-produced and used almost exclusively over other units, Act of War required the player to use a variety of units which allowed for diverse strategies.

FactionsUnited States militaryThe United States military is the conventional war machine of Act of War with familiar (as of the game's relse date) military units like the United States Marine, AH-64 Apache, Delta Force commando, Humvee, M1 Abrams main battle tank, M109 Paladin and M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (M270 MLRS).
United States military in possession of the grtest of units and upgrades, ch of which are specialized for a certain role. For example, the F-15 can only attack other air units, although it is the best fighter aircraft unit in the game. Mnwhile the sniper is very effective against infantry but ineffective against anything else.
One the wknesses of the United States military however, is their obligation to follow DEFCON procedures. The United States military starts at DEFCON 3. To access its full strength, it must upgrade to DEFCON 2 (available at $5000) and then to DEFCON 1 (available at $4500).
Task Force TalonTask Force Talon is a top-secret U.S. military branch. Its members are the best from all branches of the U.S. military. They are equipped with cutting-edge wpons and combat equipment. Task Force Talon is led by Major Jason Richter, one of the games protagonist of the story with the help of Jefferson.
Task Force Talon includes units that at the time of the game's relse were either cutting-edge, experimental or fantastic. These units include RQ-4 Global Hawk, an unmanned aircraft vehicle, S.H.I.E.L.D. unit, an infantryman wring an exoskeleton suit equipped with both machineguns and rockets, and Spinner Tank, an unmanned remote-controlled tank that can change its wpons from an anti-tank gun to an anti-air missile launcher or to a bomb drone.
Task Force Talon focuses on versatility. For example, Buggy, Task Force Talon's reconnaissance vehicle, can be upgraded with rockets and become an anti-aircraft unit; mnwhile, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter of Task Force Talon is a multirole combat aircraft that can attack both buildings and enemy aircraft. This versatility however, comes at high cost: Task Force Talon units and upgrades are very expensive for good rsons and the AI is unable to use most Task Force Talon units properly because all late game units requires some basic micromanagement and strategic planning. Therefore, losing too many units rly in a game due to misuse and poor strategic choices quickly decide the outcome of the battle.
ConsortiumThe Consortium is a group of oil companies and terrorists bent on crting an oil monopoly. The Consortium is led by Yegor Zakharov, the game's primary antagonist.
The Consortium operates in two modes: Undercover and Revled. In undercover mode, the Consortium resorts to bribing mercenaries, terrorists and certain governments into doing their dirty work, relying more on massing inexpensive units such as infantry units equipped with AK-74. In revled mode however, the Consortium deploys high-technology combat equipment such as YF-23 Black Widow II, a stlth aircraft, Akula Stlth Tank, a cloaked tank armed with twin raiuns, and Optical-Camo Soldier, an infantry unit wring active camouflage. Ironic as it may be, in revled mode, almost all Consortium units have stlth capabilities.

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